Kodo Arts antique sale Oct. 9 – 17

KODO ARTS JAPANESE ANTIQUES warehouse located in the Seven Hills Business District of Nevada City will be holding their annual fall show and sale Oct. 9-17 featuring a collection of ceramic and bronze goddess of mercy statues (Kannon in Japanese) as well as a wide range of antique Japanese furniture, home décor, art, garden and textiles.

The owners, Jake and Yuko costello, are in their fourth year in Nevada City bringing containers of Japanese antiques scoured from the auctions and markets around Kyoto throughout the year. Opening their spacious warehouse to the public twice a year, in the spring and fall for 9 day only show, they turn the warehouse into a cultural gallery of 18th, 19th and 20th century pieces.

This fall Kodo Arts has been particularly focused on buddhist icons, especially Kannon statues. The different styles and expressions of this goddess of mercy lend the atmosphere a serene tranquility as well as a symbol of compassion for all suffering.

Many of the Kannon staues hold a lotus leaf which is a beautiful symbol in buddhism of release and emergence from adversity. The lotus plant grows out of mud and finally reaches to the surface with huge green leafs and finally a pink or white lotus blossom.

A temple pond in Japan can be full of such blossoms and is an exquisite site to behold. Other staues can have hands folded in ‘gashho’ or prayer or in open hand mudras.

Besides Kannon statues, Kodo Arts has many buddhas, temple table, altars and bronze vases. Along with many furniture styles and home décor , art and textiles there is something for everyone that is unique and affordable.

Handmade washi rice paper sheets for $2, scarfs for $15 and lovely ceramic Japanese plates for $20 will delight the eye and purse as well as higher range art, ceramic, and bronzes.

It is a cultural event in an age from the past. Located at 571 Searls Ave. Nevada City, CA 95959.

Hours are 10am – 7pm daily. Tel: 530-478-0812 www.kodo-arts.com

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