Kodo Arts features Japanese ceramics, art and more at its May 6-14 sale

Contemporary Japanese ceramics are in vogue as evidenced by numerous ongoing exhibits, such as the show at the Crocker Art Museum called “Into the Fold: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics from the Horvitz Collection.”

There is a passing of the mantle in the Japanese pottery world, both traditional and modern, that goes from master to disciple, and father to son, in storied lines of pottery kilns.

Kodo Arts Japanese Antiques will have a number of pieces from up-and-coming Japanese artists at their annual spring Kodo Arts Warehouse show and sale May 6-14 in Nevada City.

Pottery developed over centuries in Japan at seven main kiln areas, where each one had distinctive clays. Names such as Shigaraki, Bizen, Seto, Kutani, and Oribe are well known to collectors and potterers. Japan’s wood-fired climbing kilns (or Noborigama), where firings take 3-7 days and produce exceptional glazed ware, are art and design masterpieces themselves.

Ceramic artists such as Shigaraki potterer Takuma Murakoshi, Kato Hiroshige (the 12th in the Kitagama Kasen line of Seto pottery), Neriage potterer Nishimura Naoki, Nishijima Hideki and others will be on display at Kodo’s spring show. Despite their beauty, they are still very affordable.

The wide appreciation of tea ceremony in Japan contributed to the popularity of earthenware and pottery production.

Competitions and exhibitions are held regularly in Japan. A Japanese potterer can have his career trajectory quickly elevated by gaining awards, and this has led to continual improvisation, experimentation and refinement in the Japanese craft.

The older traditions of Japan’s pottery are still revered and practiced. Contemporary Japanese ceramicists have managed to merge the modern elements of design and techniques with ancient traditions, maintaining the unique Japanese aesthetic.

These wonderful pieces will be for sale alongside Kodo Arts’ Japanese antique furniture, home décor, architectural items, garden art, kimonos and more at  Kodo’s show  on May 6-14. Open to the public twice a year, hours are 10 a.m.-6 p.m. daily at the Kodo Arts Warehouse, 571 Searls Ave., Nevada City, CA 95959. 530-478-0812

—Kodo Arts

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