Teahouse of The August Moon on April 12-May 5

Pain makes man think.
Thought makes man wise.
Wisdom makes life endurable.”

THE TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON, a Tony-award winning comedy from the ‘50s, is coming to the Nevada Theatre in Nevada City on April 12-May 5. It is being produced by the Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra (CATS).

The play was adapted from the 1951 novel by Vern Sneider. It opened on Broadway in 1953, winning numerous awards, including the the Pulitzer Prize in drama. This comedy concerns the clash of cultures that results from the American occupation of Okinawa from 1945 to 1952 following World War II.

In the play, Captain Fisby is assigned to carry out “Plan B.” In a tiny Okinawan village, he is to begin the process of “Americanization” by instituting a local democratic government, establishing a capitalist economy and building a school for the children to learn English.

The play narrator is an islander named Sakini, who often speaks in verse. He serves as interpreter to Captain Fisby, informing him of island customs. His monologues encapsulate the underlying wisdom of the play: “We tell this little story to demonstrate a splendid example of benevolent assimilation of democracy by Okinawa.”

Visit catsweb.org for more information. Tickets at Nevada City Box Office at Miners Foundry (MinersFoundry.org or 265-5462) and BriarPatch in Grass Valley. For groups of 10 or more contact Jeannie (info@catsweb.org or 265-2990).

The show’s 19-member cast includes Dennis Yen (Sakini), Rodger Hoopman (Colonel Purdy), Danny McCammon (Captain Fisby) and Lyra Dominguez (Lotus Blossom)—who have all graced the Nevada Theatre stage. Dennis was last seen in Nevada City in 2006 as a member of Immortal Heart. Rodger Hoopman was in I Hate Hamlet (2011) with LeGacy Productions. Danny McCammon was in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (2010) and The Full Monty (2011). Lyra Dominguez was in CATS’ productions of Flower Drum Song (2009), Snow Falling on Cedars (2010) and The King and I (2010).

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