The Center for the Arts bringing more world-class talent to the foothills this season: Jewel, Cohn, DiFranco and Cray

The Center for the Arts is bringing more world-class talent to Grass Valley this winter and spring. Some examples:

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter JEWEL will perform at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Grass Valley on May 14. “It was the time in my life to do this,” the Alaskan-born music icon says bluntly, reflecting on her decision to record, produce and now release Picking up the Pieces,” her first “proper” album of new studio material in five years and a self-described return to the territory explored on her landmark 1995 debut, “Pieces of You.” “It’s something I needed for myself,” she says.

“Picking Up the Pieces,” which Jewel describes as a “singer-songwriter’s record,” and one she hopes her influences, Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones and mentors, Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard and Neil Young, would be proud of, is the project many have been waiting patiently to hear for years. With her vast and wide-ranging catalogue, which is rapidly approaching 1,000 songs – all written over the last quarter century — Jewel has indeed become one of the premiere singer-songwriters of our time. For tickets, visit

Watch a video of Jewel performing “Picking Up the Pieces” here:

Grammy award winning singer-songwriter MARC COHN will perform at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Grass Valley on February 5; the concert is already sold out. After winning a Grammy for his soulful ballad “Walking in Memphis,” Marc Cohn solidified his place as one of this generation’s most compelling singer-songwriters, combining the precision of a brilliant tunesmith with the passion of a great soul man. He’s a natural storyteller, balancing the exuberant with the poignant, and able to distill universal truth out of his often romantic, drawn-from-life tales.

Watch a video of Cohn performing “Walking in Memphis,” here:

Grammy award winning singer-songwriter ANI DIFRANCO will perform at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium on February 28. As a singer, songwriter, activist and independent entrepreneur, Ani DiFranco has been setting her own pace—and encouraging countless admirers to do the same—for more than 20 years. But while she has been known as the “Little Folksinger,” her music has grown far beyond her acoustic solo roots in cozy venues to embrace jazz, soul, electronica and even more distant sounds. All of which are featured in DiFranco’s new “Righteous Babe” release, “Allergic To Water,” where she also blends abstract imagery and deceptively understated melodies with personal reflections on her life in New Orleans where she is now raising her two children with her partner, producer Mike Napolitano.

Watch a video of Ani DiFranco performing “See See See See” here:

Five-time Grammy award winner ROBERT CRAY will perform at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium on April 3. The youngest living member to be inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame, Robert Cray has sold over 12 million records, has his own line of Fender guitars and has established himself as a genre defining artist- a signature blend of R&B, pop, rock, soul and traditional blues.

Robert Cray is celebrating 40 years since the formation of the Robert Cray Band – a musical journey he began with longtime bassist and childhood friend Richard Cousins and current keyboardist Dover Weinberg.

Watch a performance by Robert Cray performing “Smoking Gun,” here:

To purchase tickets to these and other The Center for the Arts concerts in Nevada County CA, visit Our mobile website also has a link to the Center’s box office.

(Source: The Center for the Arts)

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