Newcastle Deli & Produce for farm fresh food

IN THE MID-1800S, PROSPECTORS SET OUT for the Foothills to find gold. But the area around Newcastle was better known for its orchards than its abundant gold mines.

Welsh settlers and others planted orchards that ranged from apples to apricots, plums to peaches, and Oriental pears to oranges. Now Mandarins, known for a distinct orange flavor and easily removable skin, are in season.

Nobody knows the farming business better than Jan Thompson, owner of Newcastle Produce in the historic downtown. “In my family, farming is a passion,” says Jan. “My great, great grandfather farmed in Placer County, and we continue his tradition today, 150 years later.”

Besides growing Mandarins and other fruits and vegetables, Jan runs Newcastle Produce, a gourmet grocery store with fresh, organic produce, olive oils, sauces and marinades and a complete deli. It also offers prepared foods, catering and cooking classes.

In short, Newcastle Produce is a “one- stop” shop for all things “Placer Grown.” The store is celebrating its 10th anniversary—or its “first decade,” as Jan likes to point out.

Located a minute from I-80 at the Newcastle exit, Newcastle Produce has become a gathering spot for locals, as well as a destination for out-of-towners.

The fresh produce aisle includes the best of what’s in season, including a wide array of fruits and vegetables. The summer tomatoes are delicious. One of our favorites: the Uncle Raymond, a tasty beefsteak tomato. The stores’ grocery aisle includes fresh-made breads and pasta, home-made jams, unique sauces, spice rubs and marinades, chocolates and wines. A favorite: Narsai’s Assyrian Pomegranate Marinade, which is perfect with lamb.

The deli is a place to go for sandwiches as well as home-made, ready-to-eat meals, including soups, casseroles, salads and wraps. Specials include chicken-pot pie, meat or vegetable lasagna and quiche.

For the holidays, Newcastle offers gour- met gift baskets that include its cookbook, fruits, nuts, olive oils and chutney. “Mandarin Madness” includes 1-1/2 pounds of Mandarins, Mandarin marmalade, Snow’s
Citrus Court Mandarin marinade and NP Mandarin Bark.

Newcastle Produce
9230 Cypress Street, Newcastle

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