Cooking classes abound at Tess’, BriarPatch and Wheyward Girl

No one is born a great cook. One learns by doing.”—JULIA CHILD

Winter is an ideal time to sign up for a cooking class in the foothills. We’re indoors more, thanks to the wintry weather, and a cooking class helps you master new recipes, perhaps with the kitchenware you received for the holidays—French cookware, a Lodge cast-iron skillet or a Vitamix.

115 Mill St., Grass Valley,
Jan. 17 Cozy Mexican Cuisine
Jan. 24 Winter Pasta
Jan. 27 Warm and Hearty Thai
Jan. 31 Chocolate Desserts
Feb. 14 Crepes For All
Feb. 21 Rustic Rome
Feb. 28 Cast Iron Cooking
Chef’s Table
Jan. 21
A Menu Rich with the Flavors of Southwest France

Tess’ Chef’s Table
Feb. 11
A Menu to Anticipate Valentine’s Day
Cream of Celery Root Soup with Jerusalem artichoke chips and Perigord truffle butter
Roasted Dover Sole Filet with herbs and breadcrumbs and white wine reduction sauce
Frisée and Belgium Endive Salad with mandarin oranges and pecans
Grilled Beef Filet with red wine, marrow and shallot butter
Spinach and Garlic Soufflé
Warm Bittersweet Chocolate Fondant with Cognac cream
Candied Mandarin Peels
Coconut Macaroons

BriarPatch Co-op Community Cooking School
648 Zion St., Nevada City,
Jan. 16 Polenta Enchilada Pie and Super Nachos
Jan. 17 Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Pie served with fresh Hazelnut Milk
Jan. 19 Pad Thai Fusion
Jan. 20 Maple Spice Teff Superfood Cookies
Jan. 24 Cook Once—Eat Healthy Meals All Week
Jan. 26 Stuff It! Turn Boring to Brilliant!
Jan. 28 Satisfying the Sweet Tooth
Jan. 30 Keto Cooking for Health and Fat Loss
Feb. 4 Romantic Italian Dinner for Two

209 Commercial St., Nevada City
Jan. 17 & Feb. 12 Cheese Making 101
Jan. 29 Mozzarella

Learn how to make your own pet food, along with Shinto’s Pet Food Whole Food Supplement.
Jan. 31 For Dogs
Feb. 21 For Cats
at BriarPatch Cooking School

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