Culinary adventures in Nevada County CA

FROM FOOD FESTS TO FARM tours to top-notch cooking schools, our region is capitalizing on the boom in culinary travel.

Enjoy a culinary vacation, such as Stella’s underground dinners, or its five-day culinary “boot camp” — both at the Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee. Stella Culinary is led by Executive Chef Jacob Burton, a finalist for “The People’s Best New Chef Award” in Food & Wine magazine.

In the foothills, go to a Chef’s Table gourmet dinner at Tess’ Kitchen Store and Cooking School in historic Grass Valley, where Alan Tangren, a 22-year veteran of famed Chez Panisse in Berkeley, prepares a six-course meal for a dozen people. The food is paired with local wines. Tangren has co-authored cookbooks with Alice Waters.

Tess’ cooking classes are innovative. On August 22, for example, Tess’ owner Steve Rosenthal will teach a class on sous vide cooking, which we highlighted in our spring issue.

Culinary travel in our region can be combined with the Great Outdoors—hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding or swimming — and a stay at a deluxe hotel or B&B. A culinary adventure also makes an ideal “staycation.”


Tess’ offers classes in a state-of-the-art, restaurant-quality kitchen at 115 Mill Street in downtown Grass Valley. The classes have about 14 people. Attendees enjoy the food that is prepared.

Classes Include
Market Foraging with Alan Tangren, July 9
Italiano Rustico, July 14
Knife Skills, July 15, 16
Indulgent Brunch, July 21
Market Foraging, July 23
Scrumptious Small Plates, July 28
Market Foraging, August 6
Southwest Cuisine, August 11
Chinese Dim Sum Treats, Aug. 18
Sous Vide, August 22
Easy Entertaining, August 25
Fall Into Canning, August 29

Tess’ also offers Chef’s Table demonstration dinners. Guests are served a themed menu prepared by in-house Chef Alan Tangren. For more information, visit


BriarPatch’s hands-on cooking classes are held at the BriarPatch Cooking School at 648 Zion St. in Nevada City. The classes have about 10 people. In most classes, the group shares the food that is prepared.

For more information, visit

Classes Include
Costa Rican Cuisine, July 7
Salads Galore, July 9
Fermented Beverages, July 14
Fresh Falafel!, July 15
Greening Your Diet, July 16
Summer Fresh Fruit Pie and Cobbler, July 18
Mushroom Extravaganza!, July 21
Cheese Making 101, July 22
Middle Eastern Fish, July 25
Kayla’s Favorites, July 28
Vegan Desserts, July 29
Stuffed Vegetables, July 30


Stella Culinary’s acclaimed Chef Jacob Burton offers cooking classes in an open kitchen at the Cedar House Sport Hotel, 10918 Brockway Rd., in Truckee.

Burton also teaches a Culinary Boot Camp, an intense five-day training course that combines food science and hands-on cooking. The program teaches attendees to cook, think and create like a professional chef. The classes are July 20-24, August 17-21, September 28-October 2, October 19-23 and November 2-6. For more information, visit

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