JAX at the Tracks in Truckee: “Most paleo-friendly restaurant in Tahoe”

THE PALEO DIET, OR CAVEMAN DIET, WAS THE most searched-for diet of the year on Google, thanks to its popularity among mainstream eaters, bodybuilders and CrossFitters.

Centered on commonly available modern foods, the “Paleolithic diet” consists mainly of fish, meats, poultry eggs, vegetables, fruit and nuts, and it excludes grains, dairy products, potatoes, refined sugar and processed oils.

Nevada City resident Pauli Halstead has written a cookbook Primal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet. “Sourcing ingredients is the fun part,” says Pauli. “Where I live, we have Nevada County Free Range Beef.”

Now, JAX at the Tracks in Truckee, a popular restaurant, has a Paleo menu in conjunction with CrossFit Jibboom, a CrossFit fitness and training center in downtown Truckee. It offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner items.

Housed in an original 1940s diner next to Truckee’s railroad tracks, JAX offers decadent comfort food. Classic diner fare is featured on its menu, alongside innovative offerings.

“JAX is the most paleo-friendly restaurant I have encountered in the Tahoe area to date,” according to the blog, TahoePaleo.com. “This is a no-brainer option if you are in downtown Truckee and want a paleo or GF (gluten- free) option.”

The menu items are gluten free, dairy free, soy free and delicious.

Breakfast includes a three-egg omelet with kale, bacon, onions and a large side of salsa. The lunch offerings are Bison Lettuce Wraps, with bacon, avocado and tomato; and Cajun-style Shrimp Salad with kale and guacamole. Dinner is Chicken Bacon Alfredo served over zucchini squash with coconut milk and herbs.

Athletes eat Paleo

The world’s fastest, fittest athletes are competing in the Winter Olympics in Sochi.For years, Olympic athletes have adopted the Paleo diet, including speed-skating medalist Apolo Ohno, Olympic skier Eva Twardokens and swimming medalist Amanda Beard.

San Francisco Giants all-star outfielder Hunter Pence follows a paleo diet. “It’s a big joke in the clubhouse—my plate of kale,” Hunter says in an MLB video. Watch the video at SierraCulture.com

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