Spring cooking classes

Local farmers are planting their summer crops and starting to harvest spring’s bounty. Spring lettuces are headed for the markets. April is a time for asparagus and artichokes. Fresh local onions, squash, peppers and eggplant are expected in May and June. Here’s a sampling of spring cooking classes in our region, often featuring this year’s first harvest:

648 Zion St., Nevada City

April 15 Tofu Teriyaki
April 17 Food as Medicine
April 18 Baking Sourdough
April 24 The Half-Hour Dinner
April 25 Wild and Traditional Indigenous Harvest
May 3 Vegetarian Small Plates
May 4 Decadent Desserts
May 5 Kimchi with Hiroko
May 8 Food as Medicine
May 19 Japanese Brunch
May 21 Flavors of Cuba
May 22 Molé
May 23 Meatless Mondays
May 28 Arabian Delights
May 29 Asian Noodle Soup

9230 Cypress St., Newcastle

April 24 Soup
April 26 Cupcakes
May 4 Tamales
May 8 Scones
May 22 Sauces

115 Mill St., Grass Valley

April 17 Crepes for Spring
April 21 Pasta Workshop
April 23 Knife Skills
April 24 Spicy Thai
April 28 Spring into Pizza
May 1 Asparagus Delights
May 5 Home Bread Baking
May 8 Spanish Small Plates
May 15 Let’s Bake A Cake
May 22 Flavors of Morocco

Kids Cooking Classes at Tess’
Tess’ is offering children’s cooking classes
June 19 Chili, Cornbread with homemade butter and Apple Pie June 20 Pizza, Stuffed Meatballs and Chocolate Cookies
June 21 Oven Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Apple Turnover

209 Commercial St., Nevada City

April 15 Chesemaking 101
April 24 Cheese Appetizers
May 15 Mozzarella
May 20 Soapmaking with Goat’s Milk
May 29 Feta and more
June 3 Building a cheese plate
June 17 Cheese Pairings
June 26 Camembert

Chef’s Table
A menu to honor Mother’s Day, May 12
Tess’ Kitchen Store

Artichoke fritters with lemon & green garlic mayonnaise
Farro risotto with peas, asparagus and spring onions
Pan roasted black cod cured with coriander and pink peppercorn, salad of spicy greens
Beef loin strip roasted with sage and rosemary, Swiss chard gratin with Gruyere and breadcrumbs
Rhubarb galette with candied orange ice cream
Chocolate Grand Marnier truffles
Quince paste

(Photo: Rachel Rosenthal)

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