Treat Street at the Nevada County Fair

The Nevada County Fair is famous for its Treat Street, which consists of food made from our local non-profit community organizations.

Huell Howser featured this infamous street on his show, California’s Golden Fairs, in 2010.

Try a pasty, nachos, a corn dog, a baked potato, an ice cream cone, tacos, corn on the cob, a rice bowl, just to name a few. The food is delicious and you help support our community.

Here are some fun facts:

•How much ice does the Fair need to be cool? Try 40 tons. That’s how much ice is brought in to supply Treat Street and other locations.

•The Watt Park Fire Dept.’s ice cream booth on Treat Street serves 17,000 cones during the Fair! Additionally, they go through 1,000 gallons of ice cream mix, 24 large cans of Hershey’s chocolate, and 24 gallons of fresh strawberries. It takes 120 people to fill all the shifts for the five days with seven working at a time.

•Two full-time gardeners start at midnight, when the Fair closes, and work until eight the next morning, watering the flowers and cleaning up the gardens every night of the Fair.

•A crew of six work maintenance all night, every night of the Fair, cleaning the grounds.

•Grass Valley Host Lions Club serves approximately 16,000 ears of corn during the five-day Fair.

•Marigolds on The Gold Path, the Fair’s main entryway, are planted by Nevada Union’s FFA students in early June specifically to produce the beautiful walkway for Fair week.

•The Job’s Daughters Corn Dog booth opened at the Nevada County Fair in 1982, making this its 30th year at the Fair. Did you know they serve between 15,000 and 19,000 corn dogs per Fair?

•High-powered portable radios — 110 of them — keep staffers in contact across the grounds during the Fair.

•What do pigs and sheep sleep on during their stay at the Fair? They bed down on 240 cubic yards of fresh wood shavings.

•After the gates close for the last time, 26 16-yard dump trucks of manure are hauled away by Nevada County Farm Bureau volunteers. It’s distributed to local farmers and ranchers who compost and recycle the pungent remains.

The Nevada County Fair, August 6 – 10, 2014. Visit

-Text and photo by Nevada County Fair

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