NEW: A new inn surfaces in historic Nevada City

Here’s a small-town scooplet: A new inn called the Broad Street Inn is resurfacing at the top of Broad Street and Bennett in Nevada City where the Bella Rosa Inn used to be.

The signs are up out front (permanent ones are coming later) and new furniture is being put in place. The Inn is expected to open next weekend — in time for the Fourth of July weekend.

The Broad Street Inn has a cool sun room upstairs and a backyard garden. It is a great location for walking around town.

The city could use some more lodging, so it’s good to see a new inn. Bella Rosa had closed. The Victorian architecture, 6-bedroom inn at 517 Broad Street had also been a home.

Nevada City is getting ready to host its Fourth of July parade next weekend. On Monday, a street sweeper was making the rounds. The hanging baskets of fresh flowers look beautiful.

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