“Alaska Revisited”: Reinette Senum’s presentation of crossing Alaska

“It was exactly 20 years ago this month that I climbed into a small mail plane to embark upon my solo winter crossing of Alaska,” said Nevada City resident and former mayor Reinette Senum.

Senum became the first woman to cross Alaska alone in 1994.

On Friday May 16, and Saturday, May 17, at the Nevada Theatre, Senum presents her 20th anniversary of “Alaska Revisited,” a unique and animated presentation of storytelling, video and slides.

Senum filmed the endeavor for National Geographic. Highlights of this trek include cross-country skiing 600 miles down the frozen Yukon River while pulling a 160 lb sled in -55F temperature, building a canoe in an Athabascan native village and paddling 900 miles after spring break-up; without gun, radio or tent. Senum completed her 1,500-mile journey in 4 months and 6 days.

“The story of this journey puts most people on the edge of their seats,” explained Senum, “simply because it generally takes the audience beyond their comfort zone and then ends the story with a wild and unexpected twist of fate.” 

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