California Arts Council holds public meeting in Nevada City on June 7

Nevada County Arts Council invites the community to a significant meeting on Thursday, June 7, at 10 a.m. The California Arts Council will hold one of its five annual public meetings here in Nevada County. Council Members – among them those appointed by Governor Jerry Brown – along with senior staff members including California Arts Council’s new Executive Director, Anne Bown-Crawford – will be arriving from different parts of the state for an all-day convening at the Miners Foundry in Nevada City.

Nevada County Arts Council is part of a program called the State-Local Partnership Program with the California Arts Council. As such, it will be welcoming other regional arts councils and commissions from across central and Northern California, while its Executive Director, Eliza Tudor, outlines several reasons for community members locally to attend:

“Your attendance will show the California Arts Council how significant our two state designations as California Cultural Districts in Nevada County are for us! For the arts community. If you have ever been funded by California Arts Council this is our opportunity to show interest and appreciation. And for those that haven’t but that want to understand the possibilities for your organization or project in-the-making, this is an ideal forum to listen and learn.”

She adds: “During the public comments part of the agenda, there is also an opportunity to speak from the heart in support of our California Cultural Districts – whether we are from Grass Valley, Nevada City or Truckee – or to ask questions of our own connected with the work of California Arts Council. It will be an opportunity to listen in to presentations to the Council, and to conversations on key topics of significance in California today.”

BriarPatch Food Coop will be generously sponsoring tea, coffee and muffins at the start of the day, in an on-going partnership with Nevada County Arts Council that supports community building and engagement.

Tudor adds: “We are grateful to our community for being such great partners with us on this new adventure for both Grass Valley-Nevada City Cultural District and Truckee Cultural District. Together, being part of the very first cohort of California Cultural Districts, and the only rural county with two, we are shaping this new state program for future generations. Let’s show our appreciation!”

More information on the California Arts Council’s meeting agenda can be found at

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