Four new artists join Art Works Gallery

Karel Hendee, Laura Morton, Lisa Redfern and Kasia Severaid have been selected to join the 33 other artists that exhibit their work at Art Works Gallery, 113 Mill St., in historic downtown Grass Valley.

Karel Hendee is a silk artist.  Her artwork is a blend of silk painting, collage, quilting and embroidery expressing her love of nature, wildlife, and the journey of life through cycles and seasons.  She draws her inspiration from gardening, hiking, yoga, poetry, and the natural beauty of the Sierra foothills.

“I am blessed to live among the pine and oak trees of the Sierra Foothills in Northern California,” says Hendee.  “By teaching workshops in silk-painting and adventures in art, I enjoy the mutual sharing of the joy of color, creativity, collaboration, and healing with others.”

The natural world and its beauty also inspire the Gallery’s second new artist, Laura Morton.  She is a printmaker and works primarily in etchings.  Working in her home studio, she uses wax resist, carving tools and acid solutions to draw and then etch her designs onto zinc or copper plates.  These etched printing plates are then inked up and used to print multiple originals from a single source.

“I print almost exclusively on 100% cotton rag paper,” says Morton.  “Occasionally I print on other acid-free papers.  My matting and framing materials are always archival as well.  The acid-free materials protect the pieces as well as they can possibly be protected.”

Lisa Redfern is the third new artist joining Art Works Gallery.  She is well known locally for her dynamic senior portrait photography at Nevada Union and Bear River high schools and for the colorful and romantic photography that she produces at Redfern Studio.

“I think that color has its own language of feelings,” says Redfern.  “The subjects that I choose must have a color component that I can work with or create – usually elements of the natural world.  All of my artwork is created on the computer.  Just like a painter, every aspect involves a brush stroke –accomplished with a Wacom tablet and Stylus pen.”

The fourth new artist to join Art Works Gallery is Kasia Severaid.  She immigrated to the US from Poland, studied art at UC Berkeley and eventually settled into a career of veterinary medicine that “unfortunately left very little time for artistic endeavors,” says Severaid. 

On February 5, 2010, complications from severe health problems left Severaid in a coma.  Her recovery left her unable to effectively communicate with others through words.  “Suddenly, because of my verbal limitations, my art became very important to me, because it was the way I could express myself,” says Severaid.

Throwing herself into her painting, Severaid experimented with colors she had never considered and techniques she had never attempted.  “I let my feelings and my moods influence my color choices and then I paint, allowing my thoughts to wander as they please, going along on any tangent that may come up,” she says.

You can view the work of these artists and the other thirty-three member/artists displaying their work in the Art Works Gallery, which exhibits a high-quality collection of artwork in jewelry, furniture, paintings, photography, ceramics, fiber arts, woodwork, mixed media and sculpture. 

The Art Works Gallery is open daily and located at 113 Mill Street in Grass Valley.  For more information about Art Works Gallery, go to

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