Friar Tuck’s restaurant in Nevada City turns 40

Editor’s note: Friar Tucks, an iconic restaurant in our region, turns 40 this week. This is from their website:

Friar Tuck’s was created by Greg Cook in the winter of 1973 as a small restaurant that was in part of the area that is now the bar. The initial investment was about $5,000. Half sawn stained 2×4’s in star shapes with small lights stapled to the ends served as chandlers.

Service was on torch burnt plywood tables and rolled out burlap served as our soft ceiling. Remember, this was the 70’s and old timers consider these fun times to be the ‘burlap days’. Fondue was the original fare along with lots of wines. Steaks, fresh seafood and many other items came later.

More from “Tucks” is here.

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