Iconic Bruno’s cafe at Burning Man for sale after 60 years

GERLACH, NEV. – For visitors who know Gerlach, the last outpost and main staging ground at Burning Man, Bruno’s Country Club is an icon and a beacon in the desert.

It consists of a casino, restaurant, bar, motel and RV park.

“Best food for miles around,” writes our correspondent Michael Anderson. “Also the only food.

“After half a century, Bruno Selmi is calling it quits. Perhaps a budding restauranteur in Placer County or Nevada County CA is ready for a change of scenery.”

The ravioli is “world famous.” Bruno, 89, has run the place for 60 years.

“No competition,” as the real estate listing reads.

A video of Bruno’s is here.

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(Correspondent and photographer: Michael Anderson)

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