Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance is August 9-10

The Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation is proud to announce its 41st Annual Concours d’Elegance the weekend of August 9-10, 2013 at Sierra Boat Company in Carnelian Bay, California. The 41st Annual event will feature the Boats of Alan Furth as this year’s Marque Class. Alan Furth was an avid collector of wooden boats and held the majority of his collection at Lake Tahoe over the years. It is a very unique and eclectic collection and the foundation is excited to bring in a vast selection for this year’s showcase.

“Alan Furth was one of the most renown boat collectors in the world. His collection featured over 90 of the most eccentric, elegant and rarest wooden boats ever built. Amazingly, Alan Furth kept the vast majority of his collection in Lake Tahoe. Since Alan’s passing, most of these boats were sold and have since been scattered all over the country. The Lake Tahoe Concours is honored to feature Alan’s collection as the 2013 marque class, which will bring many of these classics home. This eccentric collection will truly be a crowd pleaser.” Foundation President Dave Olson said.

The Concours d’Elegance is a prestigious boat show and one of the largest in North America. Drawing nearly 100 antique and classic boat entries with upwards of 5,000 spectators in recent years, this event is one of a kind. The boat entries are painstakingly restored to the pristine condition they are in today. And all are attempting to win the top honors including People’s Choice and Most Elegant Boat of Show.

Tickets will be available soon.

Additional information for the 2013 show and social functions of Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation’s Wooden Boat Week will be available at

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