New name for Nevada County winery association

Members of the Nevada County winery organization, formerly known as the Northern Sierra Wine Country, have announced the rebranding of their association and the campaign to follow. The group’s new name will now be Sierra Vintners.

“We recognized that our former name and brand did not effectively support who we are as a growing and vibrant wine region,” stated association President Alex Szabo of Szabo Vineyards.

“Sierra Vintners showcases who we are by location (between the foothills and the Sierras), and by the fact that we, as a group, encompass all facets of the wine world. From grape growers to winemakers, tasting rooms, retail environments, and small production boutique wineries with uniquely blended varietals that you won’t find in the larger wine regions, Sierra Vintners has it all.”

Since access to many of the wines from this region is somewhat limited, the best way to find these special wines is to visit the local tasting rooms and experience them first hand.  As a result, the members of the association hired a marketing communications firm to help them establish a broader footprint in the wine market.

They recognized that by utilizing their group funds, they would get better exposure, a greater bang for their buck and could market their area in a more strategic manner.

“Although this region of winemakers has been producing terrific wines for years, we are relatively unknown outside of our area. Couple that with the fact that many people mistake our Nevada County name with the State of Nevada, and we knew a different approach was needed,” said preceding association President, Mark Foster of Nevada City Winery.

“Having the support of a professional marketing firm also allows the wineries to focus their attention on what they do best: making great wine and sharing it with visitors.”

The campaign, soon to be released through ads, a new website, social media, events and outreach programs, is titled “Taking Wine in a New Direction” and will focus on the simple fact that you can experience great wines with people that are like family just off the I-80 corridor.

“Why drive a long distance to big wineries with crowds of wine tasters elbowing their way into tasting rooms, and where pourers pour your glass and move on to the next taster, leaving you to fend for yourself on your assessment of their wine?  Why wouldn’t you drive just to Grass Valley/Nevada City,” shared Kelly Carper, marketing director of Infuze Marketing.

To find out more about Sierra Vintners, their wines and their upcoming events, you can email them at or call 530-205-3016. Also coming soon is their new website.

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