Popular Fatbelly Taqueria debuts its food truck, a growing trend in the foothills

In less than a year, Fatbelly Taqueria has built a loyal following in downtown Nevada City. Last summer, entrepreneur and chef Chris Goodman debuted his street taco venture at ol’ Republic Brewery and sold hundreds of tacos the first night. Then Fatbelly set up in the doorway of Java Johns on Broad Street. Open from 6 p.m.-2 a.m., it was popular with the late night crowd.

On Thursday night, Fatbelly Taqueria debuted a food truck at SYRCL’s annual “State of the Yuba” event, dubbed the “soft launch.” Along with others, we enjoyed the authentic street tacos with fresh, local ingredients from one of Fatbelly’s staffers (see photo) while he told us Chris recently got the truck from San Diego. The truck looks great and required little retrofitting (AKA “it was ready to go”).

Fatbelly plans to park its food truck in Brunswick Basin in the parking lot on Maltman Drive where Walker’s Office Supplies is located. We’ve seen the An Honest Pie food truck in that spot before. The truck also will cater events. Fatbelly hopes to get permission to serve food from its taco truck in Nevada City — an issue that is now being debated.

Food trucks are commonplace in Sacramento, and they’re a growing presence in the foothills.

“All of our food, everything from vegan tacos to salsas, is prepared fresh, entirely from scratch,” according to Fatbelly. “We source from local farms as much as possible, providing a gourmet, farm-to-table experience. … Our pork tacos are non-GMO, and steroid free! Our beef tacos are made with free-range, grass fed beef!”

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