Sinclair Family Farm in Penryn now has pork!

Sinclair Family Farm of Penryn has added pork to its offerings of grass-fed lamb and beef, pastured poultry and cage-free pasture raised eggs.

We ordered some ham, pork chops and spare ribs from Sinclair Family Farm this month, and all of them were delicious.

“Our pigs are following along with our other livestock and are pasture raised,” explains owner Karin Sinclair. “We supplement them with a non-medicated feed (not as easy as you would think!), and they graze and root most of the day.

“They also have a pond that they lounge around in or around. We are raising both Hampshire and Yorkshire pigs.”

We order the pork (and lamb and beef) regularly from the Sierra Foothills Meat Buyers Club, which includes Sinclair Family Farm, Fowler Family Farm, High Sierra Beef/Oregon House Farms and Howards Kiwi Fruit.

There is no membership fees or minimum order per individual. Members order from a list of individual cuts of beef, lamb and pork on a monthly basis. Poultry and pasture raised eggs are available.

Members pick up their orders at designated pick-up sites throughout Placer County — in Auburn, Truckee and Granite Bay.

“Our goal is to provide delicious, locally grown meats to the residents of Placer and Nevada Counties. Your meat purchases provide you with a quality product and supports local farms and ranches,” according to the group.

For order form and more information, go to

For more information, email Karin Sinclair at

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