Tahoe Food Hub expanding its farm-to-market program

We get all our food from fresh, local farms when we’re in Tahoe for the summer.

We are regulars at the Truckee Farmers Market and Tahoe City Farmers Market, run by Foothills Farmers Market. We also get our food from the Sweet Roots’ Farm CSA delivered in Truckee. And we are members of the “Sierra Meat Buyers Club,” mainly Sinclair Family Farm.

We’re glad to see this effort being codified in the “Tahoe Food Hub.” The farm-to-market program promotes the sourcing and consumption of regionally produced foods, as Tahoe Food Hub explains. The producers represents small-scale producers within 100-miles of North Lake Tahoe and links them to wholesale buyers.

Other programs include raising growing domes in the Lake Tahoe region for four-season growing structure and the healthy access program.

More details are here:

The mission of the Tahoe Food Hub is to galvanize our community to build a regional, sustainable and equitable food system. Our vision is to create a “hub” for all sustainable food initiatives that promote social, economic and environmental responsibility in our food system.

Tahoe is in a unique location; unlike may other in the United States. It is surrounded by year-round food production. A Tahoe Food Hub will aggregate food produced within 150-miles from our more food abundant neighbors and distribute it regionally throughout North and South Lake Tahoe.

It keeps Tahoe fed, increases access to sustainably grown food, builds community and creates inter-commerce between regional partners. Money that circulates regionally supports local economies which encourages new business and creates jobs. By taking a regional approach, communities can work together to address their food security and build a more equitable supply chain.

— Tahoe Food Hub

(photo: Pablo Wilkins of Four Frog Farm; photo by Tony Finnerty)

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