The Foundry Sings

On Wednesday, January 24 the rafters of the 158-year-old Stone Hall at the Miners Foundry Cultural Center rang with over 150 voices singing in harmony the extremely poignant song “Teach Your Children” written by Graham Nash (yes, we got his blessing!).

Led by Rod Baggett, choral conductor at Nevada Union High School and Seven Hills Middle School, along with multi-instrumentalist and singer Jonathan Meredith, this unique countrywide experience gathered people of all ages and singing levels under one roof to share in the power of song and support the historic Miners Foundry Cultural Center.

This is the first of four Foundry Sings events to happen in 2018. Sign up on our newsletter to learn more. Thank you to Rod, Jonathan, Greg Cameron (sound), Janapriyan Levine (video), the Foundry Board of Directors, and everyone who attended and made this happen!

For more information:
—Miners Foundry

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