Video: How to crack and clean fresh Dungeness crab

The fresh Dungeness crab season is in full swing. We’ve already enjoyed crab from the Little Fish Company at the Foothill Farmers Market in Auburn. Ideka’s in Auburn also is one of our favorite places for crab, along with Whole Foods Market in Roseville.

This year’s season is expected to last longer than usual, thanks to new trapping regulations that might extend it until March or April. Much of the fresh crab we eat in the foothills comes from Half Moon Bay (Little Fish Company) and Bodega Bay (Ikeda’s)

You can get your crab cracked and cleaned at many stores, and we often do. We we also crack and clean the crab ourselves. Though it can be a little messy, it is easy to do. It also can save you money, as much as $1 per pound.

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Here’s a video about how to crack fresh crab:

(Stepanie Salo of

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