Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.: Home-brewed Roots

KEN GROSSMAN FOUNDED SIERRA NEVADA BREWING CO. in Chico in 1979 with the goal of providing his customers with the kind of beer he liked to drink — hoppy, dark, and flavorful, according to the American Homebrewing Association. His background in homebrewing helped him build one of the nation’s largest craft breweries. Ken’s son Brian […]

Video: How to make beer as the homebrewing market booms

This month the American Homebrewers Association — the trade association serving as a resource and community for home-brewers—released results of a first-ever nationwide homebrewer survey. According to the survey, there are an estimated 1.2 million homebrewers in the United States, two-thirds of whom began brewing in 2005 or later. “The homebrewing community is in every […]

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