Sierra Foothills Olive Oil: Fresh, local & booming

IN 1999, MONICA AND MICHAEL KELLER bought 10 acres in Loma Rica, Yuba County, and started Calolea Olive Oil. The first year they produced just 80 gallons of oil, but their timing was perfect as Californians were hungry for quality olive oil. Now Calolea (“Cal” for California and “Olea,” or olive tree), produces 4,000 gallons […]

Genetically engineered food labeling bill introduced in California

California State Senator Noreen Evans (D – Santa Rosa) introduced a new bill to label genetically engineered (GE) foods sold in California. The bill, SB 1381, is sponsored by a broad-based coalition of 17 environmental, consumer, food groups and small businesses called Californians for GE Food Labeling representing over 500,000 Californians. Center for Food Safety […]

Craft beer lovers celebrate passage of California growler-refill bill

“Ongoing legislative changes in California would make it easier for craft beer consumers to pick up a jug of suds,” as and others are reporting. “House Bill 647 clarifies the language used in the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Act to allow the state’s beer manufacturers to refill resealable “growlers” brought by consumers to the […]

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