Ski resorts splurge on upgrades

OUR FAMILY SKIED AT Northstar when it opened in the ‘70s. We were suburban teens (think “That ‘70s Show”) and our parents rented a condo. We hit the slopes in K2 skis and “stars- and-stripes” powder pants. It was a glorious vacation. Much has changed (including skis and ski fashion) since Fibreboard Corp. opened Northstar […]

West Shore Cafe for summer lakeside dining

THE WEST SHORE Café is located on Tahoe’s West Shore, just steps from Homewood Mountain Resort. With its beautiful surroundings, warm ambiance and a new summer menu, the West Shore Café is a must-visit destination for superb lake-front dining—whether arriving by car or by boat. Whether you are enjoying a meal in the classic dining […]

West Shore Café at Lake Tahoe: A room with a view

“THE WEST SHORE IS THE BEST SHORE,” the locals say. They point to all the outdoor recreational activities, from skiing and snow-shoeing to hiking and biking, on the most secluded part of the lake. The quiet West Shore will gain international fame in May, when pro cyclists race past Homewood (pop. 840) during the AMGEN […]

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