Apollo Olive Oil: To your health

FOR CENTURES, OLIVE OIL HAS BEEN prized for its health benefits. It contains antioxidants and polyphenols, proven to improve our health and longevity, according to the California Olive Oil Council. Olive oil also is an important part of the state’s heritage. Olive trees were first brought over by Spanish missionaries. In the past decade, nearly […]

Eat like Lance at Amgen bike race in May

You might not be riding in the Amgen Tour of California bike race when it rolls through the Foothills, but you still can eat like a champion bicycle racer. Endurance cyclists get their energy from healthy eating: grains, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and meat — but not too much. They eat plenty of […]

Nevada City Seafood opening in historic downtown

Nevada City Seafood will open its new store on March 15 at the Nevada City Marketplace at 115 South Pine St. in the historic downtown — part of a ongoing transition to make the town more appealing to locals, not just tourists. The fresh-fish store will be an anchor tenant to the “year-round farmers market” […]

Nevada City Seafood arrives straight from the wharf

FRESH MOUNTAIN TROUT IS JUST OUTSIDE our door in the Sierra. But finding fresh seafood and shellfish is a challenge. Enter Nevada City Seafood, which sells some of the freshest seafood around. Owner Eric Juell sends his custom refrigerated truck to San Francisco wharfs several times weekly to bring fresh seafood back to the foothills. […]

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