Bent Metal Winery: “Clink!”

“CLINK!” IS MORE THAN the sound of wine glasses hitting after a formal toast. If you’ve ever visited Bent Metal Winery, it’s an expression. “Around here we say, ‘Clink!’” says Scott Brown, owner and winemaker of Nevada County’s newest wine producer.

Bent Metal Winery, just four miles from historic downtown Grass Valley, features award-winning, hand-crafted wines from the region’s vineyards—all in a casual atmosphere.

“When we dreamed about starting the winery, we wanted it to be fun, laid back and approachable,” says Judy Brown, Scott’s wife. “We wanted it to feel like a place we would want to go.”

Offering views of the snow-capped Sierra, Bent Metal is the perfect stop during a weekend getaway in the foothills to relax, dig on some blues, and share a bottle with family and friends.

So what’s different about Bent Metal? Besides serenading the grapes to the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Lee Hooker and B.B. King, Scott’s approach to winemaking is more contemporary.

He uses a combination of stainless steel tanks and alternative cooperage, allowing him more control over the winemaking. Instead of putting the wine into wood barrels, Scott pairs different oak combinations into the tanks, providing better control over the amount of oak flavor present in the wine.

The winery’s release includes multiple award winners, all from ’08 Pitchfork Paula Chardonnay; Three Barefoot Chicks Viognier; Rockhouse Red, a full-bodied Syrah; Dos Amigos Malbec, and Hunka Burnin’ Love for dessert—a late-harvest Zinfandel served with a piece of dark chocolate.

If you’re thirsting to discover something new and different among Grass Valley’s wineries, visit Bent Metal Winery and experience a delicious blend of reds, whites — and blues.

Scott and Judy look forward to seeing you “Clink!”

Bent Metal Winery
14364 McCourtney Road
Grass Valley

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