BriarPatch celebrates its 40th anniversary with food, wine and art

THE YEAR 2016 MARKS BRIARPATCH CO-OP’S 40th anniversary, leading to a year-long celebration. It will include special sales, a $40,000 community food giveaway, souvenirs, an art show and anniversary party for owners.

Since it opened in 1976, BriarPatch has grown to more than 12,000 owners, and it employs more than 200 local residents, making it one of Nevada County’s largest private employers. Every day more than 2,000 people visit “the Patch” to enjoy the deli food, shop and relax on the patio and in the dining room.

The Patch is being honored for its 40 years of achievements in a resolution from the County’s Board of Supervisors.

Besides celebrating its past, BriarPatch also is planning for the future. After two years of research into options for the store’s future, BriarPatch decided to remain at its current location at 290 Sierra College Drive in Grass Valley, its home since 2007, and purchase the building.

The co-op’s sales have increased to $29 million in 2015 from $6 million in 2006.

“Ownership helps justify the investments we’re considering for expanding the store and parking lot,” says general manager Chris Maher. “As a cooperative business, ownership of our store is particularly meaningful—and a fantastic way to celebrate our 40th anniversary.”

BriarPatch’s celebration includes the introduction of custom-bottled BriarPatch 40th anniversary wines. Dubbed “Celebration Red” and “Celebration White,” the wines were created by winemaker-owner Mark Henry of Montoliva Vineyard & Winery in nearby Chicago Park. The labels feature The Patch’s vivid 40th anniversary logo, designed by local artist Cru Dorsey.

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