Photojournalist Lapkin captures Tahoe’s wooden boat culture

“IN MY LIFE, AND IN MY PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK, one element has always been central: Water. Prior to becoming a photographer, I was a ‘waterman’ growing up on San Francisco Bay and Lake Tahoe. I also spent three years as an officer in the United States Navy aboard a guided missile cruiser.

“Spending most of my life in Northern California, I devoted my time to a remarkable industry and history comprised of masters such as Gar Wood, Christopher Smith, John Hacker and Carlo Riva, amassing an evocative portfolio representing their combined lifestyles and creative genius. And Tahoe has always been my oasis.

“Adept and comfortable in a wet photo boat or in a doors-off helicopter, I subscribe to the practices of a photo-secessionist and to a pictorialist in my realm.

“What makes a picture stunning isn’t the gear or technology, it’s the story. In my wooden boat work, my main focus is on the subjects, and the vibrant, realistic lighting so that you see-what-I-see through the lens. I feel the details and nuances: the water droplets, the wake, the glistening chrome, and fine gloss finishes.

“Through 40-plus years of experience, I have learned that the essence of providing an unforgettable image is both complex and remarkably simple. ‘Be at the right place at the right time.’”

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Steven Lapkin

(Photo: Steven Lapkin)

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