Q&A with Eliza Tudor of Nevada County Arts Council

From our Spring 2016 issue:

ELIZA TUDOR IS THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the Nevada County Arts Council. She is from England and has worked at the University of Oxford to help promote and raise funds for the university’s arts and humanities division, among other positions. Eliza has a master’s degree in arts administration and cultural policy at the University of London and is studying for her PhD. We enjoyed interviewing her:

What drew you to Nevada County Arts?

When I first stumbled across Nevada County in the late ’90s I was struck by its density of artists, its beauty and its history. Yet it still felt “small town.” My husband and I had our three children here — we loved it — yet we moved on.

Coming back home last year I met up with Nevada County Arts Council. I love that there’s a connection between working with an arts council and the wider world, yet put to use at a local level.

What are your priorities as executive director?

Maintaining strong programs in partnership with our arts community is pretty high on my list. I’d also like to see us support research around social, economic and lifestyle impacts of the arts locally.

What is the state of the arts in Nevada County, and what is the potential?

It’s the potential that is so exciting. Coming home last year after an absence of almost seven years, it was clear how the arts community had developed here, yet painful to see how randomly artists and arts organ-izations manage to survive without public support.

Yet the community is incredibly supportive, as are our leaders on an individual level — and this offers something to build upon and grow.

What are your favorite programs at Nevada County Arts?

Everything we do with schools is great — our lesson plans, when we start rolling them out this year, are second to none. Our veterans initiative is fabulous and seems to be touching so many lives.

We love our relationship with the Wild & Scenic Film Festival and our growing Truckee Open Art Studio Tour is really exciting. Right now we are working on the concept for a significant annual poetry festival for Nevada County.

What are some of your personal interests?

Academic research. Deep conversations balanced by profoundly hilarious ones. Quiet moments with my three children and the wit we share. Moments in galleries and breathing it in. Designing programs across the arts — from concept to finished piece.

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