Stucki Jewelers: Free if it snows

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” – Bing Crosby

Imagine receiving free jewelry if it snows one inch during any 24-hour period in December. The crooner himself surely would have applauded that.

For the 10th straight year, Stucki Jewelers of downtown Grass Valley, the region’s oldest continually operating jewelry store, is offering a “free if it snows” promotion for Christmas—this time with the most generous terms ever.

Here’s the basics: buy jewelry on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, November 23-25, and if at least one inch of snow falls at the Nevada County Airport during any 24-hour period in December, your purchases are free. (Read the complete rules at

In past years Stucki has refunded over $55,000 to customers from the “free if it snows” program. And happily, too, since Stucki owners James and Nicole Arbaugh had a “snow” insurance policy.

“Make A Wish”

On November 10, from 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Stucki will host a “Wish I May” gathering at its jewelry store at 148 Mill St. in downtown Grass Valley. Customers can come with their friends and try on different kinds of jewelry.

Their favorites can be added to their “wish cards” for holiday shopping. The fun event will include champagne, mini-cupcakes and the wish cards. The “Wish I May” gathering corresponds with the Grass Valley Downtown Holiday Market.

The Arbaughs are among the most innovative small business owners in the foothills. Their business is a case study in how focusing on creativity, quality and customer service can help grow your business.

Stucki is known for its customer service. Even customers who move away to bigger cities still turn to Stucki for repair work, cleaning and other services.

STUCKI JEWELERS 148 Mill St., Grass Valley

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