CineCafé Opens at Sierra Cinemas in Grass Valley

Sierra Cinemas opens its new CineCafé just in time for the holidays, adding beer, wine, and food to the offerings that moviegoers can enjoy.

As movie theaters across the nation add amenities to lure audiences out of their living rooms and into the cinema, Sierra Theaters’ owners asked themselves what they could do here in Grass Valley to improve the movie-going experience for locals.

“As we talked to people in the industry, we kept hearing about theaters adding more food and beverage offerings,” says Michael LaMarca, Sierra Theaters Vice-President. “We wanted to give Sierra Cinemas a makeover, and with a vacant retail space next door, it seemed like a good opportunity to try this idea of adding a café.”

More than a year and a half later, that idea has finally come to fulfillment. The entire lobby of the cinema on East Main and Hughes Road has been remodeled, and the 1200 square foot space next door has been transformed into the CineCafé, with a kitchen, bar, seating area, and accessible restroom. Walls were knocked down to connect the two spaces, and the result is a spacious theater lobby that flows into a cozy spot to share a glass of wine or a pint of locally brewed ale and some good food.

The food menu is simple – featuring tasty items that can be enjoyed in the café or taken in to the movie. “Food you can eat in the dark was one of the criteria for our menu choices,” says Azriel LaMarca, daughter of owners Mike and Barbara Getz. “We don’t want noisy utensils in the theaters, so everything is finger-friendly,” with just a few exceptions – like hot soup and delectable chocolate mousse.

Two local breweries, Three Forks and ol’ Republic, are featured on tap, as well as Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. A balanced selection of wines by the glass is also offered. Beer and wine can be purchased in the café and enjoyed there or taken into the movie.

Careful checking of patrons ID’s, drink purchase limits, identifiable cups, and vigilant monitoring of the auditoriums will ensure no alcoholic beverages are shared with under-age patrons.

Ticket prices remain the same, and popcorn, soda, and candy remain available as always.

“We’re so excited to have the café open after the long planning and construction process,” LaMarca says. “It feels good to see people come in and enjoy themselves.”

During the holidays, the café will open with the Box Office around 12:30 and close at 10 pm, every day.

A Grand Opening will be scheduled after the busy holiday weeks.

For more information and a look at the menu, visit

—Sierra Theaters

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