Alice Waters teaches home cooking in her first ever online class

When the kind of food Alice Waters wanted to eat wasn’t available in the United States, she brought seeds back from France and ultimately convinced farmers to adapt to her vision. The “mother of American cooking” has been a steadfast pioneer of the farm-to-table movement for more than 40 years, through her iconic restaurant, Chez Panisse — as well as her Edible Schoolyard program in public schools nationwide that aims to connect future generations to the power and pleasure of eating sustainably and deliciously.

In her first ever online class, the world-renowned Alice Waters teaches students her process and philosophy for how to find the best tasting organic ingredients and prepare them. Lessons include how to find the highest-quality, seasonal ingredients, approachable recipes and kitchen skills, and ingredient-led meal planning. Students will also gain a better understanding of where their food comes from, and the positive impact of simplified cooking with sustainable ingredients.

“When you change your relationship to food, it can change your life. I want my students to learn what nourishes the body and the soul. By focusing on the ingredients and techniques, cooking will become second nature to them,” said Alice Waters, MasterClass instructor.

For more information, visit MasterClass.


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