Cafe Zorro celebrates five years

From Cafe Zorro in Loomis:

February 1, 2007, the former Zorro’s Villa Rosa underwent an official name change and ownership change and Cafe Zorro was launched.

We inherited quite a tradition with Zorro and his legacy through the years in Placer County. We wanted to be able to capture the essential parts that had made Zorro and his food successful over the years. We also wanted to blend those in with a more modern take on not just Italian food but more specifically California Cuisine.

To us, this is what opened the door, California Cuisine can be just about anything we imagine it to be and has allowed us to run some creative menu items and specials over the past five years. We undertook a large interior remodel later in 2007 and properly launched the new Cafe Zorro in August.

By then we had upgraded the menu, hired new staff and hit the ground running — just in time for that lovely economic turmoil! However, thanks only to you our wonderful and faithful customers we have persevered and are now here to celebrate our 5th birthday.

We think that the quality coming out of the kitchen, the service, wine list and all are as good as we have produced in the last five years and hope you will come in this week to wish us a happy birthday.

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