Horse-drawn carriage rides in historic Nevada City

Victorian Christmas is here once again and the Nevada City Carriage Company will be providing horse and carriages to accent that old-time Victorian Christmas feeling that is Nevada City at Christmas.

The carriages will start on Friday November 29 and operate each Victorian Christmas event right up through New Years Day.

Drivers Dave Vertin and Chuck Shea will be there to take you on your holiday ride with the “Sleigh bells ringing” and the “clip-clop” of hoofs that bring you back with thought of those days of early California in the Mountains.

Chuck Shea, who owns The Parsonage Bed & Breakfast, says it’s his favorite time of the year. He enjoys meeting new folks who come to town and guides them to our great restaurants and historic sights in town. All this while you take the ride tucked under a warm blanket.

Chuck states: “My two favorite spots are, The Tinman’s House (remember the Wizard of Oz?) and the old Factory road, along Deer Creek behind Miners Foundry Cultural Center. It is a special ride that takes you back 150 years.”

You can catch up with Chuck and Dave in front of the Old National Hotel. While you’re waiting for your carriage at the National Hotel; get one of their Special Hot Buttered Rum drinks. Chuck says, “They’re the Best, Keeps the chill away”

What’s the fare? It’s been the same for 10 years, $40 for up to six people. Now that’s a deal, even for Old Ebenezer Scrooge! See you at The National! Merry Christmas!

–Chuck Shea

An HGTV video on Nevada City’s Victorian Christmas — where “cars are replaced by horse-drawn carriages” — is here:

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