How Sierra FoodWineArt scooped Sunset magazine in promoting our region!

“Sierra FoodWineArt is a free, quarterly magazine that is a go-to publication for restaurants, wineries, arts and tourism in the Sierra Foothills, Tahoe/Truckee and outlying Sacramento region,” as our website reads.

“We also have a companion website called that promotes food, wine, art and tourism in the region.”

You are familiar with our articles, highlighting food, wine, art and destination travel — all as an “economic engine” for tourism in the foothills and the Sierra. Our website is promoted on, and some of our articles are republished in the Bee.

Now looks who’s following our lead: None other than Sunset Magazine in a 2013 article for the California State Official Visitors Guide!

“Sunset magazine visited the area on May 5 & 6,” as the regional Chambers in Nevada County reported to the County today. “The purpose of their visit was to develop editorial for a piece focusing on “The New Gold Country … how a new generation of winemakers, chefs, artists, farmers and others are re-settling the region; adding new energy and sophisticated offerings for today’s travelers while still honoring the region’s Gold Rush history. It is slated to be published in the 2013 California State Official Visitors Guide.”

“A photographer visited the region on June 1. She is assigned to provide photos for the article in the Visitors Guide.”

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (And for the record, Sunset has been a Facebook fan of ours for a long time).

But more seriously, we’re glad to see others recognize what we have been reporting all along. We think our region is poised for some significant growth out of this recession, thanks to food, wine and art in drawing tourists, among other factors.

We’d also like to note that it is possible to grow a small business in California despite the economic calamity if you go about it in the right way.

Thanks to our readers and advertisers for their support! We’ll continue to provide in-depth reporting of food, wine and art in our region in our free quarterly publication.

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