Lake Tahoe and Scotts Flat Lake named among California’s top 10 paddle boarding spots

Lake Tahoe and Scotts Flat Lake near Nevada City are among California’s top 10 paddle boarding spots, according to Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) magazine.

“California is a waterman or woman’s paradise with paddling opportunities abound,” the magazine writes. “Whether your calling is the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean or one of the Golden State’s breathtaking lakes or rivers, waterways of the West Coast among the most pristine on earth. In this state of limitless paddling options, deciding where to set out may be overwhelming. To help you with that decision, we narrowed down this list of California’s Top-10 SUP spots.”

Scott’s Flat Lake

“Here’s a lake most paddler’s have never even heard of. A small camping resort affords an easy weekend, week, or month long trip. The flat and clear water is surrounded by gorgeous forestry and blue skies. The resort doesn’t rent paddle equipment, so make sure to gear up prior, either with the easily transportable inflatable boards, or if your vehicle has racks, strap in and head out to this amazing destination.”

Lake Tahoe

“If you haven’t been to Lake Tahoe before, now is your time. The beautiful 12-mile wide lake is the center of activities in the Sierra Nevada’s. The flat-water days makes paddling easy for any level paddler; SUP yogi’s, SUP floaters, SUP fitness. Tahoe can also have some uber-windy days giving paddlers an opportunity to try downwinding and even SUP surfing on the small stormy waves. It is also one of the most picturesque paddling destinations in the world. Of all the outrageous paddling destinations California has to offer, Lake Tahoe is one you simply must not miss.”

(Photo credit of Scott’s Flat Lake: NorCal Stand Up Paddle Facebook)

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