Pairing pizza with wine and beer

Pairing Pizza with Wine
Italy is known for both wine and pizza, but suprisingly, Italians rarely pair the two together, according to Most Italians consider the best wine for pizza to be beer, and think that only tourists or Americans consume the two together. That said, many people do prefer a nice glass of wine with their pizza. Here are some common pizzas and the wines they pair well with:

Pairing Pizza with Beer
Beer is a go-to beverage for most people when dining out, and with the proliferation of microbreweries in American, there is a limitless supply available to satisfy anybody’s particular taste.

When paired with pizza, beer is meant to cut through the oil and some of the acidity of the tomato sauce and complement the pizza, not overpower it. You will also want to take the toppings into account when pairing pizza with beer. Listed below are some suggested beer/pizza pairings. — By

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