Sierra College’s Natural History Museum named among the nation’s best


Our nation is richly blessed with schools that are so much more than just classes and degrees but are hubs of research, art, and education. Here at Best College Reviews we have scoured the nation and found the most vibrant college and university natural history museums that our nation has to offer. One of them is the Sierra College Natural History Museum in Placer County:

The Museum’s major focus is the study of natural history, and its primary participants are the students of Sierra College who attends classes, field courses, lectures, seminars, and demonstrations. Also, the Museum is also a favorite place of the regional public.

Thousands each year attend seminars, programs, field trips and activities sponsored by the Museum and designed specifically for the public. Sierra’s Natural History Museum is open during regular college hours during the week, but because there are classes in session in the building, visitors must be quiet as they explore. It is open on weekends only when there are no other activities in the building.

Full of fascinating exhibits, a few highlights include A complete 38-foot-long California Gray Whale skeleton, a Narwhale skull replica, a Bowhead whale baleen plate, and a complete Manatee skeleton. Also, journey back into California’s past and get a glimpse of what was swimming in and flying over our Mesozoic sea with models of a life-size Thalattosaur, Mosasaur, Plesiosaur, and Pterodon.

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