Sierra Starr’s winery expansion plows ahead

Editor’s note: Despite the economic turndown, foothills’ wineries are expanding — whether it’s new tasting rooms or new winery buildings. It’s a testament to their bullishness. Here’s an update on Sierra Starr’s new winery building, which we’ve written about previously:

“As many of you know, we are building a new building at the vineyard. We’re very excited about this special building and can’t wait to move in! Some details . . . One half of it will be covered with soil (the barrel and case good storage section), while the other half (production area) will have a concrete pad above that will be our new crush pad.

“When finished we will have a gravity flow winery where the processed fruit will pass down through the pad and into the tanks below inside the building. We’ve excavated down 15 feet so the roof/pad will be level with our old building. This will allow us to drive the forklift etc. right onto the pad/roof with the grapes for processing.”

—Jackson Starr

(photo credit: Sierra Starr)

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