Vintners predict quality wines from grape harvest

THIS YEAR’S WINE GRAPE HARVEST began early. Deploying little more than a pair of well-sharpened shears, the vintners, laborers and volunteers fanned out into the vineyard, hand harvested the grapes, put them in bins (or lugs) and hauled them off to the winery on a big tractor. The freshly picked grapes were sorted for quality, […]

Sierra Starr Winery hosts a harvest party on September 20

Sierra Starr Vineyard and Winery is hosting a Harvest Party open house and wine-club pick up on September 20 as its wine-grape harvest gets fully underway. Visit the Grass Valley winery and see how Sierra Starr’s highly acclaimed wines are made. “See the sights, smell the amazing smells and maybe participate in the winemaking process […]

Sierra Starr: “Good yields and great quality” in this year’s harvest

Editor’s note: Sierra Starr Vineyard in Grass Valley filed this harvest report, further boosting our optimism for this year’s wine crop: “The 2013 harvest was a good one for Sierra Starr Vineyard. We experienced our first signs of version seven days ahead of 2012, so we knew that harvest dates would be in the area […]

Foothills wine grape growers remain bullish about harvest

We’ve been in touch with the wine grape growers in the foothills throughout the harvest, including during the recent rains. The growers remain optimistic that we’re headed for one of the best harvests in years, particularly when it comes to the quality. We checked with Jackson Starr, assistant winemaker/vineyard manager of Sierra Starr Vineyard and […]

A “Starr” Winery – a state-of-the-art facility is completed

FOOTHILLS WINEMAKERS continue to innovate despite a sluggish economy, signaling a bright future. Nowhere is this more evident than at Sierra Starr Vineyard & Winery in Grass Valley, which just built a new wine processing facility. “It’s among the newest, biggest and most energy efficient in the foothills,” says owner/winemaker Phil Starr. The state-of-the-art winery […]

Sierra Starr’s winery expansion plows ahead

Editor’s note: Despite the economic turndown, foothills’ wineries are expanding — whether it’s new tasting rooms or new winery buildings. It’s a testament to their bullishness. Here’s an update on Sierra Starr’s new winery building, which we’ve written about previously: “As many of you know, we are building a new building at the vineyard. We’re […]

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