Tahoe’s woodies celebrated at Concours d’Elegance

A CENTURY AGO, JAKE OBEXER saw a bright future for pleasure boats at Lake Tahoe. He partnered with Standard Oil to build a marina on the West Shore and became an agent for Gar Wood speedboats at his Obexer’s Boat Co. Built by Garfield Woods—the first man to go 100 m.p.h. on water—these elegant boats […]

Video: Tahoe Wooden Boat Show this weekend

We attended the Lake Tahoe Wooden Boat Show (A.K.A. Concours d’Elegance) near Tahoe City on Friday. It also will be held this weekend. We’ve been going to the see the Tahoe “woodies” at the boat show for years. It’s a quintessential “old Tahoe” event. You can also see the boats tooling along the West Shore […]

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