Wooden boats on parade at Lake Tahoe

“LAKE TAHOE IS WATER. CLEAR, cold, deep blue and majestic,” E.B. Scott writes in The Saga of Lake Tahoe (1957), a definitive book on America’s largest Alpine lake. But the lake also has a captivating past, led by its maritime history. The first boats on Tahoe were the Washoe on their “dugouts,” followed by steamships […]

Cruise Tahoe: Soak up the sun & sights

LAKE TAHOE IS A rejuvenating summer getaway, away from the heat of the central valley and northern Nevada. “Big Blue,” the nation’s highest alpine lake, offers countless summer activities. The best way to experience Lake Tahoe is from the water, and a cruise is a relaxing choice to soak up the sun and sights. Visitors […]

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