Ice dancers White & Davis favorites: “peanut butter, crab legs (not together) and Red Hot Chili Peppers”

U.S. ice dancers Charlie White and Meryl Davis are set to make history as the first U.S. team to win a gold medal in the art of ice dancing.

“Meryl & Charlie took one step closer to their dream of winning Olympic gold by winning the short dance in Sochi,” as their website reported. “Setting a new world record, Meryl & Charlie received level 4s on all of their elements, including both sequences of the Finnstep. They scored 78.89, and are 2.56 points ahead of training mates and friendly rivals, Virtue & Moir.”

“Excellent is a word to describe it. I felt like I was in a dream. Everything is coming together,” said Meryl. Charlie added, “We were just in our zone, so we could go out and skate like that. It felt awesome. When we were going out, we said, ‘Let’s do it for each other’. We love skating. We’re not thinking. We’re letting it flow.”

They danced to a medley from My Fair Lady. The ice dancing free dance is set for Monday, which will determine the winner.

So what is the Michigan skating pair’s “breakfast of champions” or at least their favorite food?

Charlie White
Food: Sushi, pizza, crab legs
Musicians: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Third Eye Blind, Jack Johnson, Kanye West

Meryl Davis
Food: peanut butter and chicken Caesar salads (not together)
Type of Music: I like all kinds of music, it depends on my mood!

Their diet tips:
“We really like consistency in our diet,” Meryl told, with Charlie adding, “Generally I don’t think we’re trying to meet a calorie count and we don’t have set meals, we eat little bits throughout the day. Breakfast is really important.

“For me, it’s a bowl of cereal and a banana. When you train early in the morning, you want to go in with energy, but you don’t want to go in overfull. Then we may want something In the middle of training, so we may have a protein bar and fruit. And lots of water!”

“It’s really important for us to eat right after practice for recovery, so protein and carbs,” said Meryl.

“Then for dinner, eating some chicken and vegetable and maybe rice is good,” said Charlie. “It’s often not super exciting, but we find ways to make it tasty. As we’ve gotten older, I notice more how food affects me, six years ago, I could eat probably have eaten pizza every night and been fine. But now I really need to have a balanced diet.”

(Geoff Robbins, Getty Images)

A marvelous video about the pair is here:

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