Jardin del Rio Farmstand opens June 22 at Sierra Knolls’ Bear River Tasting Room

One of the most delightful Sierra foothills’ farmstands is Jardin del Rio, located at Sierra Knolls’ Bear River Tasting Room on Highway 49.

(Jardin del Rio is pronounced “Hardin,” with the Spanish pronunciation of the “j” sounding like an “h.”) This weekend we received notice that the farm stand is opening on June 22:

Next weekend, June 22-23, is our big opening. We will be open for the season starting Saturday and Sundays 10-4 every weekend until October.

The Jardin del Rio farm stand will be at the same place as last year, but a bit more spruced up. Look for us at Sierra Knolls Bear River Tasting Room, 10024 Linnet Lane, Auburn (right before the Bear River Bridge if you are headed into Placer County from Nevada County).

Next weekend we will be offering five varieties of garlic, five varieties of onions, 5-color Swiss Chard, five varieties of beets, three varieties of carrots, leeks, artichokes, asparagus, several varieties of eggplant (fingers crossed), lovely exotic Italian zucchini that is just delightful, cucumbers, peaches, plums, pluots (fingers crossed), bell peppers of all different types, peas, and other lovely items to keep you happy.

The 66 varieties of tomatoes are not quite there yet; we need more warm nights. (We are hoping for a box of green tomatoes). Of course we will be offering the gourmet salts, peppers and olive oils. And you can always count on us for local raw, unfiltered, organic honey.

(photo credit: Aubree Young)

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