Generation Organic: Young farmers in the Sierra Foothills

For decades, the average age of farmers has been rising—to 57 years old, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But American agriculture is benefiting from youthful vigor, at least when it comes to small farms. Here are some examples in our region: BOORINAKIS HARPER RANCH A “little family farm that could,” the Boorinakis Harper […]

South Nevada County: A gateway to local food and wine

FOR GENERATIONS, NORTHERN CALIFORNIA’S ROADSIDE FARM STANDS, specialty grocery stores and wineries have been a welcome reprieve for travelers. The long-lasting ones have helped shape their region’s identity. Examples include the Oakville Grocery Co. in Napa Valley, a gourmet’s delight; V. Sattui, where you can buy your favorite wine and enjoy a Napa picnic on […]

Jardin del Rio Farmstand opens June 22 at Sierra Knolls’ Bear River Tasting Room

One of the most delightful Sierra foothills’ farmstands is Jardin del Rio, located at Sierra Knolls’ Bear River Tasting Room on Highway 49. (Jardin del Rio is pronounced “Hardin,” with the Spanish pronunciation of the “j” sounding like an “h.”) This weekend we received notice that the farm stand is opening on June 22: Next […]

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