World-renowned pizza coming to historic Grass Valley

Here’s a food scoop: The Quiznos in downtown Grass Valley is closing but keeping the same owner. The owner’s other Quiznos franchise in Brunswick Basin will remain open, pumping out the popular hot deli sandwiches.

But here’s the most exciting news, worthy of regional attention: The Grass Valley store at 121 Neal Street will be transformed into KJ Lunch, which will sell pizza from a world-award winner, along with fresh-made soups and sandwiches.

In February, KJ Lunch will serve award-winning pizza from a world-champion pizza maker. Pizza-maker Shawn Randazzo will come to KJ Lunch to provide personal training to make his award-winning “Detroit-style” pizza.

Last year, Shawn was crowned World Champion Pizza Maker of the year, the industry’s most prestigious award, at the 2012 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

“It’s an incredible honor to be named World Champion Pizza Maker of the Year, alongside so many master pizza chefs,” said Shawn. “We’ve said for years that Detroit-style pizza is among the world’s best, and it gives me great pride to prove it with this victory.”

(For context, Lefty’s Grill in Nevada City — now expanding its restaurant because of success — won a pizza-making award at the same prestigious conference, as we reported previously.)

For his part, Shawn had created a new Detroit-style pizza that blends traditional authenticity with his own signature touch for a rich, flavorful pizza destined to impress the palate.

And now it’s coming to Grass Valley. Detroit-style pizza is often referred to as “upside-down pizza” or “red top pizza” because of the way its prepared:

1 – Start with a thick, chewy Sicilian crust
2 – Line the crust with a layer of pepperoni
3 – Mound plenty of cheese on top (traditionally brick and mozzarella)
all the way to the edge
4 – Heap any extra toppings on the cheese
5 – Drizzle on a thick layer of signature red sauce that trickles
through the bubbling cheese

More details about the pizza are here.

A video is here:

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