“Free if it snows” and “Spring bling tour” to Europe at Stucki Jewelers

Stucki Jewelers of Grass Valley, the region’s oldest continuously operating jewelry store, is 5,400 miles from Antwerp, Belgium, the world’s diamond capitol. But typically twice a year, owners James and Nicole Arbaugh travel to Antwerp to hand-select precious gems for their customers, accepting preorders. James is a graduate gemologist, and the trip exemplifies the store’s […]

Stucki Jewelers: Free jewelry if it snows on Christmas

“I’M DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS.” — Bing Crosby. Imagine receiving free jewelry if it snows on Christmas Day. The crooner himself surely would have applauded that. For the fifth straight year, Stucki Jewelers of downtown Grass Valley, the region’s oldest continually operating jewelry store, is offering a “free if it snows” promotion for Christmas. […]

Stucki Jewelers: Innovative, with a storied history

WHEN YOU’RE SHOPPING for fine jewelry— for a wedding, anniversary or other special occasion—we’re big believers in the “buy local, shop local” mantra. A trusted family jeweler is a prudent choice, and the foothills—built on multi-generational “mom and pop” stores—have some stalwarts. One example: Roper’s Jewelry in Auburn, founded by Ralph Roper in 1956 and […]

Free jewelry from innovative marketing deal @Stucki Jewelers in Grass Valley

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