Nevada City’s Stonehouse to become culinary arts destination under new owner

Jonathan Rowe, founder and CEO of event venue The Village and video production company Madrone Studios in San Francisco, has bought the historic Stonehouse building in Nevada City, he told our magazine. Rowe plans to revitalize the Stonehouse as a destination for culinary artistry, a tapas bar, visiting chefs, weddings and events. We spoke with […]

Paleo diet most Googled diet of 2013

Trending Diets 2013 1. Paleo Diet 2. Juice Cleanse Diet 3. Mediterranean Diet 4. Master Cleanse Diet 5. Ketogenic Diet 6. Okinawa Diet 7. Omnivore Diet 8. Fruitarian Diet 9. Pescetarian Diet 10. Flexitarian Diet Source: Google Read: Paleo menu at JAX in Truckee: “Tahoe’s most paleo-friendly restaurant” The paleo diet is explained here:

Top Google searches for year in food, drink, dining, travel

The top Google searches in food, drink, dining and travel were diverse, with some surprises. One example: In Sacramento, Huell Howser, host of California’s Gold travel show who died this year, ranked among the top 10 search terms. (Credit: In the Kitchen)

Wine, beer & coffee are hottest Google searches in food for fall

Wine, beer and coffee are the hottest searches in the food category, according to the latest Google trends report.

What are the most popular cocktails, foods, drinks and movies in Google searches?

Google’s “moonlight” doodle honors French composer Claude Debussy

“The dark Paris skyline is punctuated by flicks of yellow light from lamps and houses,” writes the Christian Science Monitor. “An classic car drives along the shores of the Seine and a steamship emits white puffs of smoke as it chugs along in the night. “Two boats gradually appear alongside each other, the silhouettes of […]

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